About Us

Owner and founder, Patrick Minnihan, has been teaching prep classes for more than 20 years. During that time, he has personally helped over 40,000 students take the ACT and SAT tests and advance to college. Patrick attended Princeton University and graduated with an Economics degree. He also received his MBA from Emory University, where he graduated Beta Gamma Sigma.

His staff includes many presenters who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help students, not only prepare for the ACT and SAT, but also teach them skills that can prepare them for high school and beyond. With varying backgrounds ranging from attorneys to former guidance counselors, Sycamore Learning Company ensures students receive the best instruction possible from highly educated presenters.

Although Sycamore Learning Company has offices outside of Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas, it hosts workshops at schools all across the country. Sycamore Learning Company offers workshops in the Spring, Summer, and Fall to help students prepare for their tests throughout the year.

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding our seminars. We look forward to working with your student at an upcoming workshop.

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Our Mission
Our affordable and efficient seminars are the optimal way for busy students to learn. We show students all the tips and strategies they need and give them the materials and tools to practice outside our seminars.
Our Vision
We strive to help students of all levels of ability.  From the top-tier student looking for one or two more points to get a scholarship, to students who need a little more help to get their scores up, our seminars offer a variety of tips and techniques to help all ranges of students.
Our Values
At Sycamore, we think everyone should have the opportunity to go to college. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, and we offer all our schools scholarship tickets for students who are in need.  We also give out a scholarship each year to help a student transition to college.